M-Movitexsign Advertising Art & Print Sdn Bhd
41, Jalan Sagu 17,
Taman Daya,
81100 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.
Branch JB
Menara Ansar, Lot S5A,
Grd Floor Shopping Arcade,
No.65, Jalan Trus,
80000 Johor Bahru,

Sales Counter JB
94, Jalan Trus,
80000 Johor Bahru,
(Opposite Chinese Temple)



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LED lighting box fix with energy saving up to 60%. Suitable for hypermarket, bank and 24 hour grocery shop (click for more detail)

LED signboard

LED lighting signboard with flashing controller LED system. Suitable for night market or food store (click for more detail)

Traditional type of signboard simple design (click for more detail)

3D logo signboard and text with digital printing direct to polycarbonate with waterproof (click for more detail)

2D LED lighting signboard for reception counter (click for more detail)

Light box sign

Money changer sign sample with Uv printing are suitable for mobile track or department shop (click for more detail)

Indoor signage sample for fast food counter design and install

Slim poster light frame with UV image print suitable for office, department shop and gallery display

Acrylic slim POSTER LED.. n..Led moving message

Schools / Factory /Canteen /Government building n Private area sign

directory floor plan system

Floor sign / shipping n

Aluminium Slatz system Material (click for more detail)

restoran wallpaper

All types of Aluminium door sign Material /Slot in /table signage

Chinese artcraf design and lion's logo for your new opening office or a gifts or use as sign of prosperity (click for more detail)

3D Wall pannel n structure for Exhibition Display design

Gate sign Jb with stainless steel 3D box Led Multi colors systems control mix Aluminum lettering single color modules LED n Installation (click for more detail)

Banner portable type (click for more detail)

Acrylic door sign with colour food products

Night Glow sign 8 hours above /shipping /offshore used and look like solar energy n more next (click for more detail)

led sign made of 3d Boxup aluminum n spray paint furnish

73 - 96 of 986
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