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Taman Daya,
81100 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.
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94, Jalan Trus, 80000
Johor Bahru, Johor.
(Opposite Chinese Temple)


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wallpaper poster design

Aluminium door sign all type of Material Slot Material /Slot in /table signage

kedai signboard jb; building safety for emergency escape to the assembly area.

Reflective Sign guide people from anywhere in a building to a place of relative safety for emergency escape to the assembly area, it cannot be assumed that everyone will know all the safe routes through the building

Signboard with LED lighting box. This type of signboard is suitable for mass merchandise trading or corporate use (click for more detail)

Chinese artcraf design and lion's logo for your new opening office or a gifts or use as sign of prosperity (click for more detail)

Exhibition Display design 3D Wall panel n structurel setup

neon sign repair for restaurant to take down to respray new paint, we have a professional team to serve you (click for more detail)

Gate sign Jb with stainless steel 3D box Led Multi colors systems control mix Aluminum lettering single color modules LED n Installation (click for more detail)

Banner portable type (click for more detail)

Acrylic door sign with digital printiing food sign products

Night Glow sign 8 hours above /shipping /offshore used and look like solar energy n more next (click for more detail)

Movitex n welcome board with gold /white letters set

Exhibition board ready made /display board poterble system

led sign made of 3d Boxup aluminum n spray paint furnish

all kinds of led lighting effect for day n nite changeable 4color

Daimond letters box up and led lights

backlite Led effect ''J'' in Arcylic 25mm tickness

launching Plaque sign Emboss 3D for events of anniversary

machine plate to indicate the model n date of manufature n serial No. We able to Uv print or laser making on stainless steel plate ir chemical Etaching on aluminum plate for all kind of heavy equipment mechine used.

uv pen printing n name tag

Light box sign

led spot lighting signboard for your energy saving (click for more detail)

97 - 120 of 1348
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