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opening Plaque Sign/certificate Pleque /Award certificate /Piewter plaque

Ceremony plaque sign is for your new luanching of a Project like new products or factory or warehouse ground breaking buy the VIP/CEO or Minister visiting on your new company &Sign with a reganition.Intrested please call at +6073534993Email sales@movitexsign.comVisit our website at www.movitexsign.comCall hp 0167721992 Joseph
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Chinese Plque sign with China artcraf design and lion's logo for your new oppening office or a gifts to someone u thankful for his coopration during your difficult moment. (click for more detail)

opening ceremony board or launching board stainless steel etaching

Chinese artcraf design and lion's logo for your new opening office or a gifts or use as sign of prosperity (click for more detail)

launching Plaque sign Emboss 3D for events of anniversary

plaque for building opening size 20''x32''x10mm

brass Plaque Sign plate

brass Plaque Sign /open ceremony signage

ceremony sign /brass Plaque Sign

Piewter plaque engraving

tree sign for ceremony opening events

tree planting plaque for opening ceremony

tree planting ceremony signage for events

ceremony opening events for tree n flowers planting events

opening ceremony plaque sign

ceremony plaque sign

plaque sign

cetificate award plaque /ceremony plaque ceremony

opening ceremony plaque stand made of stainless Steel n glass

ceremony plaque stand made of stainless Steel produced by lasers making n etching engraving

plaque sign for opening ceremony plaque

ceremony plaque

factory plant luanching plaque sign

Plaque Sign for opening ceremony & launching new factory

opening ceremony & launching new factory

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