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Johor, Malaysia.
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Johor Bahru, Johor.
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building logo sign or sky sign Fabrication , Repair, Installation Services


Architecture board

Oli and Gas safety pile line signboard

Construction board

LED sign gives you more attractive for your front building image, we are promoting an old signboard to be upgrade into a new LED system signboard for your 2019 (click for more detail)

Acrylic door sign with digital printiing food sign products

Acrylic posters jb/ with digital printing size 24x36 n backdrop wall graphic

gasket cutting

cutting sheets for Pvc or leather sheet

Banner portable type (click for more detail)

banking information banner / public banner info (click for more detail)

poster board printing A5, A4,A3, A2, A1

bunting and street bunting /banner

Sign plate for residential and private Property management design

neon sign for Pub n bistro /Chinese lettering n tranfomer rm 1200

signboard recodition for sale 5ftx20ft (click for more detail)

matel cover for home drainage cover or factory used ready set 3 sizes A 2540mmx260mm B 1220x280.. C 1000mmx 265mm

Donations with a Mok cheque to presentation we print giant cheque for yr Lunching and donations cherity event.

Ready with in 24HOURS

Wehv wide range of signage products and services.

Intrested call 0167721992

Wabsite www.movitexsign.com email address sales@movitexsign.com

take away banner digital Epson printing

cloth banner in chiness text n Jawi

mok cheque /Giant Mok cheque

Giant Mok cheque design

billboard with sportlight

restoran signboard

billboard model for view sample structure

signboard jb

entrance gate sign with symbol n indication signboard (click for more detail)

main entrance building Seafty sign Front n back with LED lighting

complete 2015 February n December projects Mersing school n Kulai HID (click for more detail)

shopfront lights box n Led 3d box up (click for more detail)

wallpaper poster design

backdrop wall poster size 2meter x 3meter 1200dpi print

wallprinting 3D home image to give yourself a new fleshing day to your family's

backdrop wall graphic /Office decoration

3D Led lighting Jb witn 3d Pannal base Frame sign system (click for more detail)

sign 3d with led for Japanese restaurant from design, setup n installation

led lighting border with 3d Arcylic letters M

led sign made of 3d Boxup aluminum n spray paint furnish

all kinds of led lighting effect for day n nite changeable 4color

Daimond letters box up and led lights

backlite Led effect ''J'' in Arcylic 25mm tickness

We design & print, cutting, Engraving for Mechine tag, 

Mechine Description tag, 

mechanical information plate & 

Stainless Steel plate, Aluminum plate emboss strip or many more. 

Intrested call or visit our website.


Email sales@movitexsign.com 

puan halijah / elaine 

0167721992 ,office +6073534993 


Exhibition Display design 3D Wall panel n structurel setup

shopfront signboard new design /3D box up lettering

4d wall divider panal board with fancy design with lego attachment parts system (click for more detail)

(click for more detail)

Ceremony plaque sign is for your new luanching of a Project like new products or factory or warehouse ground breaking buy the VIP/CEO or Minister visiting on your new company &Sign with a reganition.Intrested please call at +6073534993Email sales@movitexsign.comVisit our website at www.movitexsign.comCall hp 0167721992 Joseph

Chinese Plque sign with China artcraf design and lion's logo for your new oppening office or a gifts to someone u thankful for his coopration during your difficult moment. (click for more detail)

opening ceremony board or launching board stainless steel etaching

Chinese artcraf design and lion's logo for your new opening office or a gifts or use as sign of prosperity (click for more detail)

launching Plaque sign Emboss 3D for events of anniversary

aluminium 3d box up

shopfront signage

Direction signboard

signboard design /shopfront signage /Korea signboard franchise Branding

matel structure backdrop stand or stage BANNER

mobile exhibitions matel structure stand (click for more detail)

exhibition pop-up backdrop with fullcolor image painting n design to give bring up your company image and your products disply

backdrop exhibition set to give your company a new image and your products disply

tropy for higher quality and Embossing finishing gold or silver for special hand made one to One order (click for more detail)

Car tage Aluminium plate on engraving finish

printing Uv Map sign on stainless steel plate with Uv 2D effect

Mechine data plate with color print

installation jb/ new Branding Logo

information sign/speed limit sign

Road safety Sign /JKR sign /construction sign

JKR Road sign /construction sign

Gate sign Jb with stainless steel 3D box Led Multi colors systems control mix Aluminum lettering single color modules LED n Installation (click for more detail)

home sign in 3D made of gold

home sign in 3D Arcylic 19mm 20mm laser cut

3D Lettering made of Aluminum

Coporate office divider sandblast film /tinted Glass />>next

Glass image sticker Jb/hospital/Klinik/corporate office n Deco home

logo printing on round surface

round glass surface printing

swimming pool safety sign

Noties swimming pool rule & regulations

aluminum postel Frame for Photo or Manu used with 4 sided open up clips (click for more detail)

pylon sign/car parking direction sign & hyper market sign direction

Seafty First in

Night Glow sign/shipping n Hypermarkets Exit sign

TNB Sign danger /bahaya /Tamal

Slatz system size 20, 40,60,80,120mmjb

directory sign jb/aluminum systems profile for building /offshore and modern offices need.

offices signage profile systems

door signage best for new Building or factory

removed n replace new Signboard for building or shopping mall . We also provide professional Cleaning services up keep and maintain a brand new look signage (click for more detail)

cleaning n repair signboard /LED /Neon n Desmentel sign services n contracts

turun signboard/pindah iklan Dan pasang

Take down signboard and transport away

                           Led Special Effect Signboard

registered with the Government / Certificate of Kementrian Kewagan

neon led mini /led mini neon

led mini neon for food counter

led neon food track

Switch board tag /control room tag /

Emergency switch plate with our engraving or laser making on stainless Steel plate or fire proof board and many more... See us at

We hv wide range of signage products and services. 


Email sales@movitexsign.com

Call hp 0167721992 

Office +6073534993 

Traffolyte engraving plate jb

laser marking & engraving on STAINLESS svteel or Aluminum plate/graverplay plate for New and recondition machinery

reusable name tag with logo

removeble name tag with logo

Aluminium sign profile systems for building directory or door sign

manu sign jb/cafe sign manu board (click for more detail)

Arcylic slim poster Led frame with Led moving message

Directory floor plan system

CCTV warning sign n general information Sign stand Signage to Show your Property are in top security controlled

Signage CCTV n general information Sign

golf sign information board best for tournament advertising & sposership Board

sign board n Signage CCTV n general information Sign

ship decorations projects profile in Government canival not building lighting signboard in 2014 n. 2015 project

decor art for canival in 3d Sign, build in with lighting board 2014 & 15 (click for more detail)

sign projects in mersing completed/3D Led stainless steel n Aluminum mix with multiple color led controller system (click for more detail)

projects sign in mersing completed/3D Led stainless steel n Aluminum mix with multiple color led controller system

white board / multiple wall board with tory stand

White board with Glass door n lock

White board full range see at d green box area for yr request Size??

roller coaster white board

Kindly visit: http:movitexsign.newstore.my/ for online purchase

posted frame jb /Led ligh frame 18x24 rm 4h+ (click for more detail)

frame jb /Led ligh frame 18x24 rm 4h+ (click for more detail)

led poster frame jb/size A3 rm3h+ (click for more detail)

Certificate of Kementrian Kewagan /Government n Projects

Plantation signboard for people who hv their own plantation land.

We able to design your property land signboard & your Directory sign site

Intrested please call at 

073534993 or 0167721992 

Visit our website www.movitexsign.com 

Email sales@movitexsign.com 

label stickers for indoor outdoor industry used

Mandatory sign n Direction /seafty sign Jb

safety sign jb /industry signage/plantation signage

warehouse seafty sign

quick print labelling

print and cutting solutions

Lable Sticker print and cutting solutions

Manu and catalogs printing book

purchase up to Rm100above u have free vouchers for your morning Breakfast free call for more info ;terms n conditions apply limited time Only on first come first served

showroom stainless steel 3d double side LED 28th offer +install (sold jun 2016 )

washing n cleaning signboard rm88.9 only limited time only

signboard 2x3 ft rm50 some line on surface offer

fixing up n do testing n comisioning electrical check Led lighting (click for more detail)

We are here to serve U at :Taman Daya jalan sagu 17 behind Public bank

Inkjet printer Mechine for sale good for beginner (click for more detail)

size n checking

tinted glass meeting room with graphics printing

car security sticker/car pass/membership lable with runing numbers code. for your security entrance checking (click for more detail)

car pass sticker/membership pass decal with runing numbers code. for your security entrance checking

roller shutter door painting and 3D lighting box sign with uv digital printing (click for more detail)

white board /Notice board n solf board cum stand n roller

manu board A stand or green board manu

Movitex n welcome board with gold /white letters set

Exhibition board ready made /display board poterble system

van Jb /new design new image to deliver your message to the public (click for more detail)

van advertising Jb /roof top advertising to tranfom your products message to the market

BDM & BTM Jpj sticker label

BTM Jpj sticker label

Johor state flag and district flag

district Johor flag

crystal laser engraving special order mim 20 units

certificate alumnimun plate / wooden Certificate engraving

visitos Welcome board / Exchange board /interchangeable signboard (click for more detail)

Q pole /Welcome Sign /Gold plated or brass (click for more detail)

Metal dustbin /smoking bin /modern bin (click for more detail)


printing on 4x8ft 3mm polycarbonate plate

production line in progress uv print signboard

production site teams

polycarbonate uv print board 4x32ft L

Arcylic 3D LED lettering with backlite lighting for Front Counter sign (click for more detail)

logo sign made of ARCYLIC and print on UV color outdoor ink

logo sign

entrance sign with tone effect 2D uv printing (click for more detail)

Reference Fonts for signboard n door sign


stickers colour chart 8300 n 8900 series

vinyl stickers 8200 quality colour flim

best quality vinyl tickers outdoor in sign industry

reflective vinyl sticker Maclite flim

acrylic divider Pannal for office table

Multi purpose disinfactant solutions

Multi purpose disinfactant solutions for A

Covid 19 services for disinfaction spray

Digital board are able to control your production counting or control accident time lost by using wifi networking software in your finger tips.Intrested please call at +6073534993Hp 0167721992Email sales@movitexsign.comVisit our website at www.movitexsign.com

time lost electronic control board

electrnic caliing system

Led calling system (ready make) (view Video )


Lable food or products

food label

print and cutting solutions

Lable print solutions

common seal /wood engraving stamp

common seal /porket Stamp/wood engraving stamp

common seal /engraving stamp

common seal /porket Stamp/wood engraving stamp

Lable print and cutting solutions

Lable print and cutting solutions

Lable print and cutting solutions

Canopy awning /DIY canopy ready stock call 0167721992

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